What in the world can engineering and technology have common with magic and clairvoyance? These concepts seem to be incompatible; two completely different ways of reception of world around us. Engineering uses substances and materials to achieve perception of the world by creation of special mechanical devices, which are like continuation of bodies and finitenesses of the person, essentially increasing its opportunities, but magic uses the world of energy, which may in most part not be seen or touched, and achieves frequently even more essential results, than engineering.

If magic is capable of everything, that it is possible to achieve with the help of advanced engineering, why not use it to help engineering? But what sense make all the magic means and methods, when we are talking about transistors, bearings, schemes, semiconductors etc? The Answer is simple- take a look at the following sections and you'll be convinced, that use of our techniques is simple, effective and economical mean to solve any technical problem.


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