The politics, as is known, business dirty, but it does not mean at all, that all policies(politics) - pigs. Authority and popularity - the basic attractive moments of a policy(politics). In itself the authority not harmful, but she(it) comprises the big temptation, such as an opportunity to operate to herself similar, an opportunity to change world around at the desire. And when the person starts to revel in authority to use her(it) for the purposes, puts itself most above other "cattle", " grey weight " then it(he) has overlooked who really posesses authority above this world. Due to such people the policy(politics) also turns to dirty business.

But, despite of such reputation, the policy(politics) was, is and will be one of the most important parts of our life irrespective of, we want it, whether or not. Therefore it is impossible to abstract from a policy(politics), explaining it is that all representatives of authority - villains. All of us and if we choose unworthy people it speaks only about our political ignorance choose them.

This section is intended as for the present and future representatives of this policy(politics), and for people, whose activity directly is in dependence from a political situation. Basically, to the last it is possible to attribute(relate) everything, behind exception, perhaps the eremites made and other people isolated from a society.


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