The number of people, who are happy and pleased with their life, is reducing at the present time. It is, probably, easier to meet an elephant in urban park, than find a person in modern city, who is not burdened with the load of insoluble problems and not confused in a skein of complexes, fears and various phobias. By developing science, economy and culture, a man had completely overlooked the most important thing- himself. Modern person usually searches the reasons of misfortune and illnesses outside, though usually they are hidden inside the person. It is always easier to accuse of all troubles the state, heads, enemies, bad heredity etc., than to recognize own defects, fears and complexes, starting to struggle with them.

It is naturally difficult, to the person, to begin such serious thing independently. Only few people have the ability of a sober self-evaluation. We are usually inclined to perceive ourselves with reverent tremor, not supposing any self-criticism or contrary: we consider ourselves as a last from last, incidentally destroying ourselves. Therefore the best sight per capita is a detached view. Secondly, the person, as all the rest, has a temporary extent, i.e. our past determines our present, and present determines the future. Therefore the analysis of past is a second source of information about the person, his character and world view. Any event in the past, even most insignificant, can seriously affect the life of a person and become a reason of one or other modifications in his destiny, character or health.

Our method is based on both of these principles. The first- a sight on a person separately and as a part of processes, which the person participates in: planetary, elementary and other interactions. But not simply surface sight, but in a mode of clairvoyance. That allows to embrace all spheres, inaccessible to regular consciousness and to analyze them. The second- analysis of persons past, revealing the reasons of one or another undesirable modification and help in overcoming it. It is also possible to add third principle- a sight into the future and choice of most perspective option. The second and third methods are connected to the sphere of informational fields. Work with an informational field is similar with work on the computer. The basic data must be entered and treated, and number of the best variants will be given. It is also possible to simulate any situation and to look at the eventual result. This simplified comparison is indicated for the greater obviousness. It is impossible to evaluate with human measurements an information field of a universe that contains information about all events of the past, present and future. And it is impossible to evaluate all its possibilities.

We are not going to teach you anything. This is not our purpose. But we are always ready to help in case of concrete problems. There are problems, the answer on which can be received only from us. Not because we are clever, but because we shall turn to Higher Plans for help, which define our and your existence.


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