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You can send us any questions you have, concerning any sphere, interesting for you for any reason.

We are hereby representing for your consideration the list of our services. We wish to help you to find the best solution to your problem, and therefore we offer you practical and authentic services that will meet your needs. We can offer you help in different spheres of life and activity. In the following we will only be limited with general list of basic services, each of which contains set of various services. Our services are possible to use by a single principle or on the basis of long lasting agreement. Just send your questions, and we shall send you the thorough information about concrete theme.





Dr. Wlavio is a person of extraordinary abilities, and he is providing an instant diagnostics, made with nontraditional methods and offers options of treatment with traditional and alternative methods at once.


We understand human physiology and diseases in wider aspect, than traditional medicine, and on this basis we can offer different options of treatment of an organism both traditional and alternative methods, for achievement of peak efficiency of treatment with the help of system of diets, physiological influence and other various means, influencing on illness, including energetic influence and homeopathy. All this individually and in a certain complex, according the systems. We give recommendations for treatment of the certain disease and other illnesses of the person on the basis of individual characteristics of the concrete patient. At recommendations we take into account a condition of an organism at the present moment, which medicines the patient is using or which medicines he should not use at all.


The name- Wlavio is well-known in the world, it has the spotless reputation checked up by years.

Our clients use our services in many countries of the world. People turn to us, when they cannot defined the correct diagnostics, or treatment, or they are weighing the necessity of a definite operations. We are willing to help you as well.


* The pricelist includes the prices of stationary resort treatment outside Estonia!

Please take into account, that the prices of specified surveys and treatments are carrying approximate and informational character. We develop a program of medical aid for each individual according to set of diagnoses, a clinical picture, the age, the purposes of inspection and treatment and other factors, which cannot be taken into account in such list.


The percentage, offered to intermediaries is 15% of prize of our services.

It is also possible to meet with patients in the neutral region for realizations of treatment. For example in sanatoria, resorts and bases.




We offer full functional diagnostics of an organism and all organs with the subsequent advices and methods of treatment for full recovery without analyzes and medical equipment.

After realization of diagnostics, the client receives the exact information about the condition of his organism, and the definition of the methods of treatment necessary for the patient takes place. After that must be defined the organs and systems in the organism, which need to be put in order in a first place, that the organism could be directed to recovery. It will reveal the reason of occurrence of the disease. The following step is a full elimination of illness, or stopping it, if the complete recovery is impossible.






1. Parkinson disease

2. Alzheimer disease

3. Epilepsy

4. Condition after the insult of a brain

5. Light and medium form of scattered sclerosis

6. Heavy form of scattered sclerosis

7. Dysfunction of an organism after trauma or treatment

8. Diseases of joints and  и supporting-moving system

9. Muscular dystrophy

10. Side sclerosis

11. Depressions, also after treatment of disease or drug addiction

12. Psychopathy and nervous pain syndromes, immovable finiteness

13. Condition after break of backbone with lower paraplegy and dysfunction of pelvic organs

14. Skaleoz of a backbone and its display on functionality of different parts of an organism



1. Cancers and other kinds of tumors- correctness of diagnosing and research. The most responsible and dangerous part for the patient is during his inspection, also a kind of treatment chosen and terms of its beginning. It is connected on a straight line with nervous and lymphatic system and processing of food in an organism and also a temperature mode of the body.

2. Tumor of a dairy gland, female organs and urinogenital system
3. Tumors of a digestive tract

4. Cancer of respiratory tract

5. Brain cancer

6. Lymphoma

7. The rest of diseases, which are mixed up with tumors or result cancers, which have a lethal outcome because of incorrect treatment and similar

The prices are given for the period of six weeks.



1. Chronic cholecystitis

2. Gall-stone disease

3. Dysfunction of a liver, pancreas, kidneys, spleens



1. Failure of functionality of work of heart, its blood circulation and rhythms

2. Ischemia

3. Stenocardia of tension

4. Complex failure of a rhythm and conductivity of heart and vessels of heart



1. Bronchial asthma

2. Asthmatic attacks

3. Allergic asthmatic attacks

4. Absence of sense of smell

5. Absence  of gustatory sense



1. Endometriosis

2. Physiological barrenness, or caused by karma



1. Rheumatoid arthritis

2. Fever of unclear genesis


Vascular surgery

Cirsoid varicose of veins/ thrombophlebitis



1. Neurodermatitis

2. Vitiligo

3. Allergic contact eczema

4. Capillary  haemangioта

5. Psoriasis

6. Allergies of respiratory and alimentary tracts

7. Allergy on medicines

8. Other appearances of allergies

9. Syndrome of Behchet



1. Various failures of endocrine systems. Inherent and acquired
2. Diabetes (caused by kidneys)

3. Thyrotoxicosis



Alcohol and drug addiction

Helping people out of alcoholism and drug is usually being carried out in our practice by ways of influence on sub consciousness on persons reassessment of values and aspirations on life, and also way of thinking of the person, without using any drugs or medicines. In other words- with the help of nervous-psychological influence. For this purpose we usually prepare certain subjects and products, and explain, how them to use. Takes place a change of character of the person, and he discovers other interests for himself. We carry out séances for what the presence of the patient is necessary.

Treatment may also be carried out without the knowing of the person himself.



Problems of sexual life

We solve problems of sexual life of any age. We determine conformity of the partner. Following your wishes we can describe, how to make your sexual life more interesting.



Periodical consultations and inspections

There is also an opportunity of periodic consultations and inspections during the treatment by any available means of communication facilities (by the choice of the client). 



Diseases with the magical reasons

Many illnesses cannot be treated without magic influence. In such situations the patient must first be relieved of magical influence. a damnation or something other, that does not suppose it to cure, and only after that treatment of the disease is meaningful. To cost of treatment of respective disease cost of application of magic measures increases.



Selection and dosage of medicines

We are able to define, as far as your organism perceives any medicine- the certain amounts for the best effect or is it acceptable at all. We can also specify, how to reduce or totally remove the side-effects of medical products or influences (chemotherapy etc.) using simple means.




Realization of rejuvenation of a whole organism with all physiological functions is possible with the help of special séances. The main difficulty is, that the procedure takes time and needs the attraction of big number of people. The number of session is quiet big. For effect of rejuvenation up to 20 - 25 years are required regular sessions within 2 years. 



Beauty services

By your wish we can pick out the cosmetic preparations, which suit you and your organism by the effect, specificity and side-effects- according to your physiological features.

For optimum lose of weight within necessary period it is necessary to analyze a condition and characteristics of digestion and the whole organism. After that it is possible to write out the certain diets, and details about what you should change in daily life.

We give practical advice- simple ways to look after a skin, nails or hair; how to get rid of existing problems.




We are carrying out seminars for common public in any part of the world.

We offer courses of lectures on features of a modern feed and physiology of occurrence of diseases, their treatment and rehabilitation. We can give sketches and detailed consultations in all these questions


We provide personal seminars for the audience of both- particular and wide specialities.

Taking clients for the treatment.


We also take part in seminars among other performers.

In case of our departure to a certain place for participation in a seminar, the inviting side is covering the expenses for the road. Other cases must be stipulated separately. 



Meetings, discussions and consultations

We carry out meetings, discussions and consultations for VIP clients.

Also diagnostics and the information about treatment.


The price does not include accommodation costs and trip of the personnel. Services can be rendered on resorts of Europe, America, Africa and Asia. In each concrete case the price pays off separately.



Treatment with departure to the clients house

The price is being defined according to the location of patient, seriousness of the disease and the amount of necessary subsidiary personnel. Expenses of traveling and residing of the personnel are being calculated separately.


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Family, social problems


We can predict destiny, including, what is going to take place in the far future- accidents, dangers and failures. We also point, how to avoid a trouble.


Family and home

We are solving problems of daily life: how to solve misunderstandings, get rid of tensions and avoid further conflicts. How to communicate with the child - teenager etc. Stability of a marriage, correct behavior of spouses. Family psychotherapy, the analysis of behavior to reach better understanding of each other.



We can help you to define the  correctness of selection of work, determine perspectives of certain field of activity. We shall prompt, whom to affect, to promote in career.



We are charging talismans/amulets for good luck in work or in private life, financial well being, protection against troubles and accidents.


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Business and finances

Wlavio works individually with solvent people or companies, solving problems and suggesting different options for stock- and commodity market, providing consultations, analyzes and other extremely valuable information.

- Consultations for optimization of work

- Optimal directions of development

- Monetary and material shortage

- Economic and financial and forecasts

- The market research- prognosis

- Competition strategy and tactics

- The analysis of financial activity

- Marketing- tactics, inspection of profitability of new markets and directions

- The analysis for world’s stock exchange

- We can also offer various capital movement schemes, diagnostics of micro and macro circuits in economy and politics; political migration

- The local analysis of international financial and economic groups and enterprises, and so on

- Programs of development, their efficiency and prospects

- International and local investments and their crediting – prognosis of their profitability

- The estimation of a level of a risk factor, prognosis

- Juridical consultations for the enterprises and the organizations- the activity, how to carry on business avoiding juridical problems or the contrary

- How to legalize the finances

- Strategy and tactical activity of state and other organs and various enterprises to your firm or person, and also interests from other sides and persons and their plans in relation to you or other persons

- The file or prediction of the governmental or private organizations and enterprises

- Strategy- the forecast for increase of the size of a portfolio of a firm or for buying up of firms

- Applicabilities of investments, investment protection programs, outflow of investments

- The notification about inspections and the kind of inspection


For investors

- we can offer projects of international caliber and schemes for mutually profitable cooperation.

- We offer you investment packages - lists of profitable shares by our choice and calculations on any share markets - peaks and lows, the exact time to buy and sell.

- We provide intraday, weekly, monthly prognoses for indices, shares, currencies, metals and other commodities on any world’s stock exchange for one year or even 3-5 years.


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Politics and political games


- We can give the results of the upcoming elections, arrangement of political forces, structures of the future governments

- Changes of internal and foreign politics

- Changes of frontiers and spheres of influence

- Manipulation with organs and persons, the file - forecast for an organ, government or party.

Consulting seminar


Political changes in the world system, their sequence on which they depend, and their hidden intensions. How will form the economic and political geography of a global system in regions at these games. Who is behind it and when it will form? Which governments will be reformed and in which states?  

Political economy

The development of economy in different regions of the world. The target of basic investments, and the movement in which direction have already started? How do they buy a great bulk of investors? Corporate and international management, development of the markets, specificity of the certain regions. False companies, their false shares and how to avoid fraud.


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Technical questions

Difference of our diagnostics is that it covers all possible characteristics of an object. All we need are schemes, plans or the figures giving picture about object. According to your desire we can also provide you with valuation of the given object.

Following our technique, the mistakes and malfunctions can be found on the plan, scheme, projection or drawings with the minimal expenditure of time. We are also giving advices, how to improve different devices.


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Options of magic influences

We are able to relieve many unpleasant influences with the help of magic methods: free from curse, damnation, evil eye, bewitch. Also an opportunity of manipulating people, governmental or other organs, incidents, circumstances etc.  

In addition to our services, mentioned above, we can also offer magic on good luck, financial well-being or for protection.


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Minerals, jewels
Our skills allow us to locate minerals and any other raw material. We also help in selection of correct methods of the approach for optimum result of excavation or extraction.