Why do the people go to a specialist of alternative medicine? Usually it's the the people, who have a negative experience of treatment by traditional medicine- unsuccessful treatment or the traditional medicine just cannot help them.

So, what are the main minuses of traditional medicine? First, all doctors have a very narrow specialization, and it does not let them have a look at an organism as a whole. Medicine has divided a complex system of joined to each other cells, organs and tissues to small pieces and each doctor has an information only about his particular ‘piece’. The same principle is being used in a commercial production, and it is based on the assumption, that the better doctor knows a separate piece of an organism, the more effective he can treat it. But the human organism is not an alarm clock, which is possible to disassemble and then compound back again, and it will start working again. It is impossible to affect one system of an organism, avoiding indirect influence on the others.

The activity of the healer is based on the handling of an organism as a whole, on generalization and analysis of accumulated experience. But doctors don't go into the heart of the matter, they only do, what they have been trained to do: treat illnesses, which are in their competence.  If one doctor cannot help you, he will send you to the other doctor, the other will send you to the third and so on. We are sure, that it is important to heal the person, not the illness. Furthermore the human being is not only physical body, he is also a field of energy, which is indissolubly joined with an information fields of the other people, Earth, cosmos, planets, elements etc. And what about such concepts, as chacras, energy channels or active points, which have no place in academic medicine, although they play key roles in any kind of treatment or diagnostics.

The methods of treatment, offered by medicine are very simple. The main thing is to suppress symptoms of illness using drastic preparations, giving fast and guaranteed result. So the illness is not treated, but driven inside. The person, who seemed to be recovered, then receives the same illness, but already in another form. For the successful treatment it is not enough to know the symptoms, mechanism and tendencies of illness; you should see the person as a whole and find out reasons, which had caused this illness. Only such approach can lead to a successful treatment.

One of the most important things is that the person has to trust the healer. He must also have enough strength and desire to overcome the illness. Without these two factors any treatment becomes pointless and useless. At first, we diagnose physical functions of your organism; discover the patients’ organs, clear up their condition, balance and level of physical injuries, character of the disease. On this basis we select methods and means of treatment, which take into account an individuality of the person and will be most effective for him at that moment.

All our methods of treatment are very accessible: séances for balancing the energy, various compresses, decoctions, diets and instructions for essential changes in the daily life. There are many methods of the energetic influence: work with specific fields of energy and potential of the patient. Many diseases require connection to cosmic information fields, interaction with elements, i.e. appealing to all, that exert constant influence on human, as an energy being. Other diseases, reasoned by outside effects (evil eye, damnation) or karma influence (influence of former embodiments), are possible to overcome only by using various magic techniques.

We can also offer a treatment by photo. This method gives a possibility to work on a distance. With its help it is possible to treat for example the drug addiction or alcoholism. It’s too hard to list all our methods and resources. You may ask: "Why such amount of techniques is needed?" The different types of diagnostics and methods supplement and improve each other. The more techniques are used, the more precisely a patient will be diagnosed and the more effective methods of treatment will be used.


  Dr. Wlavio


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