Welcome to the mysterious world of extrasensory and magic!

We welcome everyone, whom attracts unknown and mysterious; who wishes to find out new and to expand the horizons of perception. Everything we see around us isn't the final picture of the world. If we do not see something or do not know something, it doesn't mean that it does not exist. That "thing" is like some kind of field or energy, that contains all the information about everything that happen- the past, the present and the future. That's why we call our activity – a work with energetic field of information.


Even now, the situation remains the same- governments of different countries spend huge sums for researches in similar areas, but they are interested only in possibilities like remote influence on human masses, adaptation of so-called  “extrasensory” weapon, global control and subordination. So, it’s quite clear why they keep mum about the similar projects and if any information should leak, they deny it, deriding journalists for credulity and pursuit of sensations.


But it is not so complicated as it seems and any person could learn it. All you need is a strong desire, permanent training and certain internal discipline. If you work hard, one day it will simply appear to you and begin to act. We do not do any miracle of this Knowledge and we can convince each of you personally that it`s simple and at the same time effective. We do not call out to trust us; we simply offer to check it up on business. Beforehand we notify the skeptics, who trust nobody and consider itself as the owners of the truth of the last instance, trying to denounce everything else- we are not going to prove anything to anybody. The time has shown, that people, who does not trust in what he does, will never receive an outcome. So we can call our services a mutual cooperation – you achieve a desirable outcome, we improve our knowledge and acquire experience. Only business based on mutual benefit of both sides can be viable.


 We are ready to help all of you, as there are no inconvenient or insoluble problems for us. The list of our services has appeared to be so wide and diverse, that we divided it on following sections:


On the first place we have put alternative medicine, as the closest theme to each of us, because there isn’t much of absolute healthy people nowadays. Our scientific century has brought much in our life, has made it more convenient, in many respects even more interesting and has opened us many new possibilities, but the people did not become healthier. The main reason of it is the distance between human and nature, causing a violation of harmonious human development, in the increased stream of an information and large amount of stresses, enclosing us in our daily life. All of this is negatively influencing on our health, and the modern medicine, unfortunately, cannot help us to overcome the illnesses. The medicine has reached a deadlock and needs to find a way out. 

Our methods of treatment are old and time- proved. We consider the person as an integral, complicated system and we practice the individual approach to everyone, because what is good for one can be harmful to other. We also treat diseases, which official medicine considers incurable. Our principle says: "There are no incurable diseases". Our methods include various diets, compresses, herbal teas, decoctions and their prescribed combinations. In some cases we use energetic influence. Illnesses, caused by the magical reasons (evil eye, damnation), accordingly require magical counteractions. There are also methods of balancing the spiritual and physical energies; work with the cosmic name of the customer. We can make a full diagnostics of the person, his systems and organs.


The second section of our list is personal problems. It contains all that is close to the human being: social problems, a character of the person, good and bad luck, various problems of daily life, relations with other people and whole enclosing world. Sometimes it seems quite difficult to find a reason of some kind of problem without external help. We are ready to suggest withdrawal from any situation, to help with making any decisions by choice from a number of alternatives. We know all the consequences they bring and also the best option.


Everything that concerns the third section can be called business. We provide consultations on any economic problems, acceptance of the most profitable projects and realization of most favorable transactions. We help to draw up a business-plan, choice of an orb of activity or market researches. We provide determination of errors in reports and balances and full information about your partners or competitors. We look through all situations of financial operations, sale, purchase and other kinds of bargains. We are providing exchange prognoses- indices, shares, currencies, commodities and raw materials- daily, weekly, monthly prognoses up to 5 years. You will be on a pitch ahead of the others and that will allow you to plan further activity with confidence in realization of all the plans. Everything will happen under your full monitoring of the situation. We can offer supervising your firm on a contractual basis.


The next theme is politics and public activity. You can ask us for every possible political prognosis’s, modifications of the future political situation: sharing of authority between political parties and groups of interests. We shall suggest optimum possibilities to realize your political career and will warn you of the attacks of political opponents. If you are already at the authority, we can beforehand let you know how will one or another of your political solutions affect your public image and how will it be accepted.


In the section- engineering and technologies, we offer a full and detailed diagnostics of any systems, mechanisms, constructions and devices, revealing various errors and defects in the projects and schemes. We will also help you to choose the best option when you want to purchase an automobile, and generally, whether is it worth to purchase it for this money. You wouldn’t need to proceed an expensive tests and experiments, as we can describe you right away the outcomes they will bring.


Select one from above-named themes, and you will thoroughly see all our possibilities in the given field and, for certainly- you will find something interesting for yourself. We look forward to long-lasting and favorable cooperation with you. We are sure to have a solution that will meet your needs!



Dr. Wlavio


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