Ladies and Gentlemen,


We are looking for the partner, which could adequately estimate our favorable long-term projects of cooperation. We are hereby inviting you to familiarize with our opportunities and a specific proposals of cooperation. We shall be very glad to negotiate with you concerning any contact points.


We would like to represent for your consideration the brief list of some of our offers.

Feel free to send your questions, and we shall send you the detailed information on a concrete theme!






To investors we can offer projects and schemes of international caliber for mutually profitable cooperation.  


The sphere of our activity includes set of various options to use your means to accumulate big profit during short or long periods. We can offer schemes of investments on exchanges of Europe, Asia, America and also Africa. Programs and projects to invest into real estate, the searches of the sunk ships, art- or historical values. Also searches of sites to mine minerals or rare substances.



The offer to the medical centers, institutes and sanatoriums


Our company is offering cooperation to the organizations in treatment and service of patients (clients). We wish to consider an opportunity of our work in your region in resorts, orthopedic or dermatological medical centers, centers of health, clinics, sanatoriums or other establishments. We could bring a new stream into these sectors and could render our services in mentioned establishments.


Our company is located in Estonia, and it was founded by doctor Wlavio at the beginning of the '80-s. We provide instant diagnostics and offer classical and alternative methods of treatment - at once.


Our treatment is based on physiology of diseases. We can diagnose the entire person, together with all his systems and organs. On this basis we can offer options of treatment of an organism with traditional and alternative methods to achieve the most effective treatment with the help of homeopathy and energetic influence. All this in a complex and individually, but according to the certain system.


Our methods allow curing successfully practically all the diseases that can be met nowadays. Including set of diseases, which are considered as totally incurable (Parkinson disease, the disease of Alzheimer). Our methods include various diets, compresses, herbs, baths, grindings, exercises and changes, which must be done in your daily life. Only their certain combination gives the effect of treatment In some cases the energetic influence is necessary. There is also a method of balancing of spiritual and physical energies.


We are able to provide courses of lectures on features of a modern feed, the physiology of occurrence of diseases, their treatment and rehabilitation. We can give sketches and detailed consultations on all these questions.

It is also possible to realize energetic massage or energo-manual therapy.


We have a big psychotherapeutic experience, on basis of what we can give recommendations for right behavior with the given patients, which allows to help them to get out of this unbalanced condition more easily. We have  developed the system of rehabilitation, exercises and diets for all kinds of diseases, their preventive maintenance and forecasting. It is possible to provide the appropriate training of your personnel.


We wish to cooperate with you in this direction.




Pharmaceutical cooperation


Our company is engaged in development of new medical products and technological solutions of development of preparations. We can also provide analysis of your existing production - updating of working substances and change of structures of your preparations for increase of their efficiency.


We are able to specify an optimum dosage and remove side effects. We can find options of reduction of technological and other processes, or ways how to make them more economical. We can offer completely new ideas of medical products; thus there are concrete recipes. Efficiency of all our preparations is checked up in practice.

Representing for your interest some examples:


Blood pressure stabilizing elixir

The preparation has bilateral action - lowers high pressure, and raises too low pressure according norm.


Elixirs for treatment of an allergy

Medicines, which are in use nowadays do not cure an allergy, as you probably have noticed yourself, but only softens the symptoms, driving the illness deep into an organism. The preparations, made by our recipes relieve an organism of an allergy. Our  remedies heal the allergies of respiratory ways, allergies of a digestive system, very infrequent allergies of blood system, etc.


The soothing preparation for patients with cancer

One definite medicine effectively removes pain effects in case of any cancer disease, and also dulls the pain even in case of metastasis.


The preparation, which gets you rid of gall-stones

This remedy softens stones, cleans channels and slicks their structure, so the gall-stones slide out though intestines. It is the easiest way to get the gall-stones out of bile and liver.


We have also worked out preparations, which allow restoring digestion in case of ulcers, gastritisís, colitis, stomach ulcers and removes heartburn.

The preparations, used for regenerative therapy, after an insult, or at epilepsy, also to further avoid these illnesses.


The preparations for liquidation of wandering pains of peripheral nervous system, failure of an heartbeat rhythm, an ischemia or pain in a heart.

The preparations for treating and healing asthma, asthmatic attacks and allergies of respiratory systems.


We have developed the food systems and diets to treat different diseases.

We are not a company, but the scientific preventive center, with practical application already during 20 years.


We look forward to your comments and offers!


All your questions and offers can be sent on fax: 372 6 460 430 or e-mail: